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Source: Facebook AutoCount User Group, Credited to Varrenz Seok

Submission GST-03 Return for Final Taxable Period

Please be informed that pursuant to Section 6, Goods and Service Tax (Repeal) Act 2018, all GST
Registrants are required to submit the GST-03 Return on the final taxable period and make full
payment for the amount of tax payable in connection with the supply, for the last taxable period
within 120 days from 01.09.2018. Please refer to the following link for better understandings:-

What should I do for the last GST Submission?
1) Deemed Supply for Fixed Asset and Stock Balance
2) AP Bad Debt Relief & Recovery
3) AR Bad Debt Relief & Recovery
4) CN and DN
5) Adjustment of underpaid or overpaid GST

Fixed Asset Value
Those Fixed Asset claimed Input Tax Before. BL / NR / TX-0 / TX-NC are excluded.
Best Solution: Deemed Supply according to Open Market Value
Alternative Solution: Deemed Supply according to Net Book Asset Value

Stock Balance
Best Solution: Open Market Value Price for Stock with GST Claimed as at 31/08/2018
Alternative Solution: Total Cost Price for All Stock as at 31/08/2018

This is the Journal Sample

Remember set your GST Tax Period Month to the following before your last GST Processor

Submission Type Last Submission Month GST Taxable Period (months)
Monthly Submission Aug 2018 5
Quarterly Submission July, Aug, Sep 2018 6
Quarterly Submission Jun, July, Aug 2018 7

For AutoCount Version and above

For AutoCount Version and below