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This is a further update to the official release of version 1.8.21 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix the Partial Transfer To function which does not display Cash Sales record in Quotation form.
  2. Fix an issue in Stock Assembly where the row material also includes cancelled Stock Assembly Order.
  3. Fix the issue in which Finish Goods shows as stock out in Serial Number Transaction Inquiry.
  4. Fix an issue in Cash Sale and Cash Purchase where the Payment Currency Rate didn’t update when payment is paid by Cash or Credit Card.
  5. Fix an issue where users cannot view Contact Info detail on Debtor and Creditor Aging report as the editor is disabled.
  6. Fix an issue when the home currency is SGD, the option “Must Specify Tax Code” can be disabled where it should not be able to do so.
  7. Fix incorrect Local Profit calculation when Credit Note is included in Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis.
  8. Fix an issue in version where users are unable to edit both PV and OR as an error messsage stating “String was not recognized as a valid Boolean” will prompt out when trying to edit the documents.

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. Enhance the APBadDebtType and ARBadDebtType localization to allow lesser loading time.
  2. Allow empty item code with ATMS and Imported Service Tax Code to prompt Journal Entry screen in Cash Purchase and Purchase Invoice documents
  3. Support input Item Package by scanning Item Package Code or Item Package Bar Code field in all Sales and Purchase documents.


  1. All plug-ins previously compiled after ver 1.8.8 are fully compatible.
  2. All application script and report script are compatible with ver 1.8.8 and after version.