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SST is coming on 1/9/2018, here are the preparations you need to make before that:

1) Double check — Are you SST registered person?
or check the emailed you registered with Kastam GST

The SST is registered automatically based on the MSIC you put in GST registration. Kindly refer to Tax Agent for more information.

2) Get you billing format ready.
For the moments, Kastam is yet to release the official Invoice format for SST registered person.

3) Perform a stock check before 31/08/2018 as the stock value and fixed asset value are required in your last GST submission.

Check if you still have active AutoCount Maintenance Contract with us. As we believe there will be few updates for the SST and GST and billing format changes. Or give us a call 07-299 2999

 Kindly update us the your SST and billing format info by fill in the form below, we will help you update AutoCount accordingly.

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